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paradise.jpg Tim Cotterill's bronze frog sculptures capture the whimsical character, the jewel-like quality and the pure JOY of these beautiful little creatures. "Through the centuries and throughout the world, frogs have symbolized many things - Good Luck, Royalty, Fertility, Magic Potions, Energy, Charm. In today's fast world, life sometimes becomes complicated and stressful. As you can see, my art is not. It's Elegant, Stylish, Whimsical, Unique and pure FUN! As children we were excited to see our first frogs. They made us laugh when they jumped our way! We were curious about the strange way they felt; the odd way they moved and their simple contented look. I used to watch frogs at my pond in England, noting how each one had its own color markings, character and even personality." Tim Cotterill, also known as Frogman, was born in Leicester, England, in 1950. He left school at the age of fifteen to complete a six year engineering apprenticeship. Intrigued with metalworking, Tim created radical wheeled vehicles and metal sculptures of animals and birds during the '70s and '80s. His original steel, bronze and gold bird and animal sculptures are in art collections thoughout the world. Tim emigrated to California in 1990 where he has since devoted himself solely to the creation of his unique bronze sculptures. Tim's work is now represented in fine art galleries world-wide.

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Frogman Large MN1_Bamboo_ Tim C12272894194926f34bab1a8.jpg

Frogman BF119_BugsyHR.jpg

Frogman BF116_FlashHR.jpg
A truly Unique Artist - Tim Cotterill - The Frogman
CODE: Tim Cotterill
Frogman - Bugsy
CODE: Bugsy
Frogman - Flash
CODE: Flash
[Contact us for a price]

Price: $420.00

Price: $480.00

Frogman BF114_JulietHR.jpg

Frogman BF112_OutOnALimbHR.jpg

Frogman BF114_Juliet-RomeoHR.jpg
Frogman - Juliet
CODE: Juliet
Frogman - Out on a Limb
CODE: Out on a Limb
Frogman - Romeo SOLD OUT
CODE: Romeo
Price: $360.00

Price: $700.00

Price: $0.00

Frogman BF118_SproutHR.jpg

Frogman BF103_WinstonHR.jpg

Frogman BF72_CliffhangerHR.jpg
Frogman - Sprout
CODE: Sprout
Frogman - Winston
CODE: Winston
Frogman Cliffhanger
CODE: Cliffhanger
Price: $430.00

Price: $560.00

Price: $1,240.00

Frogman BF93_EmeraldHR.jpg
Frogman Emerald
CODE: Emerald
Price: $480.00


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