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Delia Ripple Bed.jpg Delia is a furniture producer. It provides manufacturing, marketing and distribution services to a number of artists with an emphasis on hand made steel furniture and accessories. Delia's ability to do everything allows each artists to avoid the daily concerns of operating a small business and focus upon what they do best, create. Our goal is to create work that you enjoy owning as much as we do making it.

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Delia Candleholder Fish.jpg

Delia Cat Stand.jpg

Delia Coat Hook Man.jpg
Candleholder Fish
CODE: Candleholder
Cat Coatrack Stand
CODE: Cat Coatrack Stand
Coat Hook Man
CODE: Coat Hook Man
Price: $35.00

Price: $275.00

Price: $35.00

Delia Coat Hook Star.jpg

Delia Dog Stand.jpg

Delia Coat Rack Golf.jpg
Coat Hook Star
CODE: Coat Hook Star
Coat Rack Dog Stand
CODE: Coat Rack Dog Stand
Coat Rack Golf
CODE: Coat Rack Golf
Price: $35.00

Price: $275.00

Price: $155.00

Delia Coat Rack People.jpg

Delia Coat Rack Seascape.jpg

Delia Coat Stand With Figures.jpg
Coat Rack People
CODE: People Coat Rack
Coat Rack Seascape
CODE: Coat Rack Seascape
Coat Stand With Figures
CODE: Coat Stand with Figures
Price: $145.00

Price: $150.00

Price: $350.00

Delia Corral Bed.jpg
Corral Bed
CODE: Corral Bed
Price: $1,000.00


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