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 Beehive Kitchenware Co.
Beehive.jpg Sandra and Jim began in the pantry of their house in 1998. They were inspired by the kitchenware they had found in old homes and flea markets, and asked "Why are all of the useful objects made today so plain, when they could be decorative too?" So they made their own metal kitchenware that is beautiful and functional. Sandra Bonazoli holds a BA in Art History and a MFA in Jewelry and Metals. She is part- time faculty at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Her work, and her writing about craft has been featured in numerous publications. Jim Dowd Jim has a BFA in Design and MFA in Jewelry and Metals. He has personally soldered most of the architectural metalwork in Bill Gates' house. Their collaborative work has been exhibited at the Museum of Arts & Design (formerly, the American Craft Museum) in New York City.

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beehive 17.jpg

Beehive Birthday Candleholders.jpg

Beehive EQH-LARGE.jpg
Bird Cheese Markers
CODE: Bird Cheese Markers
Birthday Candle Holders
CODE: Birthday Candle Holders
Equivalents Hook
CODE: Equivalents Hook
Price: $55.00

Price: $48.00

Price: $32.00

Beehive Flower Coffee Scoop.jpg

Beehive Flower Measuring Spoons.jpg

Beehive interstitial_baby_spoons.jpg
Flower Coffee Scoop
CODE: Flower Coffee Scoop
Flower Measuring Spoons
CODE: Flower Measuring Spoons
Heart Baby Spoon
CODE: Heart Baby Spoon
Price: $22.00

Price: $45.00

Price: $20.00

Beehive Heart Measuring Spoons.jpg

Beehive Heart Spatula.jpg

Beehive Heart Spice Spoons.jpg
Heart Measuring Spoons
CODE: Heart Measuring Spoons
Heart Spatula
CODE: Heart Spatula
Heart Spice Spoons
CODE: Heart Spice Spoons
Price: $39.00

Price: $45.00

Price: $28.00

Beehive Heart Tea Strainer.jpg
Heart Tea Strainer
CODE: Heart Tea Strainer
Price: $58.00


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