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dimensions2-1.jpg One-of-a-kind Raku Fired Clay. Artists Jean & Dana Higginbotham are a mother & daughter team. With encouragement from other working artists in the family, Jean started creating clay in 1987. By 1988, daughter Dana was helping out, and by 1989 it was a full time vocation for them both. Although they don't have any formal training, Jean & Dana have always been doing something creative. With mentors built in to the family, they found the perfect medium for their artistic energy. Designing, sculpting, drawing, and painting in clay has endless possibilities. The raku method of firing brings in the added element of surprise. RAKU originated in ancient Japan, and was used for traditional pottery. Pieces being 'rakued' are taken out of the kiln when they are at peak temperature and the glazes are molten. They are carefully transported to a container with combustible material inside, which bursts into flame. The container's lid is promptly closed, sealing the pieces in a vacuum of smoke, ash and carbon. After they have cooled, the seal is broken, and the results are dug out of the ashes. This uncontrollable process creates rich, subdued glazes with metallic highlights that blend with other colors easily. Over the years, Jean & Dana have become texture maniacs, and glaze experimenters, always on the look-out for inspiration. As their interests have evolved, they have branched out into mosaic work. They consider their jewelry Art-to-Wear. Each piece is hand sculpted, signed, and truly one-of-a-kind.

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CODE: Dimensions2-2
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Price: $48.00

Price: $48.00

Price: $48.00

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