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 Janna Ugone Fine Lighting
ugoneRLP862-C-RB.jpg Artist/designer Janna Ugone presents a unique product line for the creative residential, hospitality, and commercial markets. Inspiring interiors of all styles, we offer a fresh approach to uncommon lighting, clocks, and switchplates. Within the crisp, clean lines of our pieces you’ll find a personal spark. We hope, through an artist’s eye, to re-present the cherished and familiar by creating something distinctive, special, and delightfully functional. We’re devoted to a longstanding tradition of crafting heirloom-quality, American-made work. Seeking out the highest quality materials, we hold ourselves to exacting standards of craftsmanship. And we set ourselves apart with the innovative and imaginative aesthetic we’re known for. We’re picky for sure, but we know the importance of putting forth good work and enjoying it all along the way. Our enthusiasm gives rise to the uniquely beautiful pieces we present to you today.

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Janna Ugone Apple Toile.gif

Janne Ugone Circle Melody in Wine.gif

Janne Ugone Circle Melody in Wine 2.gif
Apple Toile
CODE: Apple Toile
Circle Melody in Wine
CODE: Circle Melody in Wine
Circle Melody in Wine
CODE: Circle Melody in Wine
Price: $500.00

Price: $625.00

Price: $725.00

Janne Ugone Cozy Day.gif

Janna Ugone Leaf Portrait in Ivory and Redwood.gif

Janne Ugone Leaf Portrait in Pear.gif
Cozy Day
CODE: Cozy Day
Leaf Portrait in Ivory and Redwood
CODE: Leaf Portrait in Ivory and Redwo
Leaf Portrait in Pear
CODE: Leaf Portrait in Pear
Price: $635.00

Price: $550.00

Price: $525.00

Janne Ugone Lily Coin Apple Pendant.gif

Janne Ugone Lily Coin Mango Pendant.gif

Janne Ugone Norfolk Border Pendant.gif
Lily Coin Apple Pendant
CODE: Lily Coin Apple Pendant
Lily Coin Mango Pendant
CODE: Lily Coin Mango
Norfolk Border Chamois
CODE: Norfolk Border Chamois
Price: $525.00

Price: $525.00

Price: $700.00

Janne Ugone Rebecca.gif
CODE: Rebecca
Price: $625.00


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