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 "Hand-Made Products of a Warped Mind..."
Creatures of Delight Suave Frog.jpg Hand-made product of a warped mind devoted to the eradication of sour pusses and grumps! Made of a patented material (Rubber Plush) which is totally unique, but quite durable as well.

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Creatures of Delight Large Blue cloud.gif

Creatures of Delight Large Pink Cloud.gif

creatures 104.jpg
Blue Cloud
CODE: Blue Cloud
Pink Cloud.
CODE: Pink Cloud
Rubber Plush Dragon Creature
CODE: Rubber Plush Dragon Creature
Price: $115.00

Price: $115.00

Price: $75.00

creatures 105.jpg

creatures 10.jpg

creatures 100.jpg
Rubber Plush Green Frog
CODE: Rubber Plush Green Frog Creature
Rubber Plush Pink Flamingo Creature
CODE: Rubber Plush Pink Flamingo
Rubber Plush White Ghost Creature
CODE: Rubber Plush White Ghost Creatur
Price: $65.00

Price: $90.00

Price: $60.00

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