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Black10-2.jpg Maud & Austin of Black Mountain Studios do not consider art to be some obscure, esoteric pursuit that is practiced by the extremely "gifted" and understood by few. Art is the work of our minds and hands, is the result of the creative process, and we are all creative. How you carve a piece of wood, dig a trench, fold your laundry, or, yes, shape a spinning ball of clay all involve the creative process. The purpose of the work that we do at Black Mountain Studios is quite simple: it is to make objects that are pleasing to the eye and the hand, to make things of beauty, be they utilitarian or not. If you look at one of our pieces and have a little bit of your breath taken away, or hold it in your hands or lift it to your mouth, and it feels good, it feels right, then we have achieved our goal. Vineware Pottery is thrown on a wheel and altered. Their fully functional pottery is high fired with an ash glaze. Vineware Pottery is oven proof, dishwasher safe and microwavable. Do not transfer Vineware Pottery directly from a refrigerator to a hot oven. When cared for properly your Vineware Pottery will last a lifetime. Although they were born less than five miles and one month apart from each other (In New York and New Jersey) it would be another thirty-one years before they were to meet in Florida, eventually to marry and form Black Mountain Studios. In the meantime, Austin was a student at Columbia University and the Sorbonne, where he was indelibly impressed by the stained glass in the great Cathedrals. He went on to become a stained glass artist until he was discovered by clay, and found his true passion. He studied color theory with Janet Rogers (a student of Josef Albers), and his fascination with the interplay of color and form continues to this day. Maudís exposure to the world of art began in her childhood, visiting the museums of New York City, and continued through her studies at Nova Southeastern University. In the last twenty years, as a maker of pots and a teacher of makers, her technique and style have developed into a synthesis of the rustic and the refined, with form and function playing an intriguing duet. Operating Black Mountain Studies is another chapter in their ongoing story of love, for each other, clay, and the artwork they produce.

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