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 Sea Stones
Sea Stone Bottle Stoppers1228856047493edaefd3f32.jpg Bottle Stoppers - Each of these stones is a unique piece of unadulterated ecology that complements wine's organic character. Shaped by ocean waves into soft, ergonomic shapes, sea stones make the perfect handle and allow the bottle to be easily opened and securely closed. The stopper's solid rubber cone and chrome body are extremeley durable and make an elegant accent for any table.

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Sea Stones Desk Clock.jpg

Sea Stone 2 Coast Hook Double1228856591493edd0fc3ee3.jpg

Sea Stone Mini Hooks.jpg
Desk Clock
CODE: Desk Clock
Double Coast Hooks
CODE: Double Coast Hooks by Sea Stones
Mini Single Coast Hooks
CODE: Mini Single Coast Hooks
Price: $75.00

Price: $110.00

Price: $25.00

Sea Stones 4 Coast Hooks Quad.jpg

Sea stone Large Hooks.jpg

Sea Stone Pendant Necklaces.jpg
Quad Coast Hooks
CODE: Quad Coast Hooks by Sea Stones
Single Coast Hooks
CODE: Single Coast Hooks by Sea Stones
Stone Pendant Necklaces
CODE: Peandant Necklaces
Price: $200.00

Price: $45.00

Price: $35.00

Sea Stone 3 Coast Hook Triple.jpg

Sea Stone Bottle Stoppers.jpg
Triple Coast Hooks
CODE: Triple Coast Hooks by Sea Stones
Wine Stoppers
CODE: Bottle Stopper by Sea Stones
Price: $150.00

Price: $20.00


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